Change in the line-up

We welcome 2 new guitarists: Tim and Bram will be sharing rhythm and lead roles.

They quickly became fluent in the EP materialĀ and new songs are being written in the new line-up.

In the past summer of 2018, our lead guitarist Kristof decided to leave the band. His badass riffage and solo's will be missed and his contribution to our debut EP: LEGION was crucial. He has always been (and still is) a close friend and we can't thank him enough for all he's done! Cheers mate! To compensate for his loss, we attracted 2 new guitarists.

You could see the new line-up for the first time 13/10/'18 in Roadhouse69 (Lier) in the "Strijd om Lier" competition.

Next up: Glamnaval (2/3/2019, Mechelen)